ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 6, No.  3,  2008
ISSN 1512-1887



Growth and Nutrient Uptake Efficiency of Wheat from Nonionic Surfactant Amended Soil

     A. Mohammad, A. Moheman and Seema p. 7  abstract

Effects of Increasing Fertilization in Organic Field Fodder and Arable Systems on Different Soils and Climatic Conditions of Eastern Germany

H. Kolbe p. 15  abstract

Wheat Dwarf Virus: Distrubution and Preventeshion

V.N. Baramidze, J.B.Schuberts, A.A. Habekush, N.G.Aleksidze p. 25  abstract

Ecological Consequences of Erosion and Mud Stream Phenomena in the Reservoir of Sevan Lake

E.M.Hayrapetyan, H.V.Martirosyan p. 30  abstract

Urease Activity of Water-Free Soils in Lake Sevan after the Introduction of Bacterial Insecticides

A.M. Karapetyan, H.S. Movsesyan, N.P. Ghazaryan, M.A. Sargsyan p. 34 abstract

Peculiarities of Mountain Grassland Pasture Management in South Caucasus Countries

G.D. Agladze p. 37  abstract

Main Cenosis of Herbage of Natural Meadowlands of East Georgia and their Improvement

V.G. Iashvili, L. S. Tabatadze, N.Kh. Chaganava p. 41 abstract

Influence of Soil-Climatic Conditions of Mugan-Salyan Massif on Agricultural Production

M.G. Mustafayev p. 44 abstract

Entrance of Nutrients in Cotton in Dependence with the Dozes of Mineral Fertilizers

V.I. Ragimov p. 48 abstract

Influence of Phytotechnical Measures on the Content of Sugars and Nitrogen Compounds in Leaves of Grapevine

Yu. Z. Barseghyan p. 52 abstract

Phyto-Sanitary Conditions of Magnolia Collection at Batumi Botanical Garden

N.Kh. Leonidze, F.E.Chaidze p. 57 abstract

Harmful Pests on Mulberry Tree in Georgia

Mz. I. Lobzhanidze p. 59 abstract


The Theory of Self-Watering from Geometrical Interpretations of Process

Z.K. Lobjanidze p. 62 abstract


Pathogenesis and Treatment of Dermatomycosis

R.G. Bostashvili, M.N. Chikaidze, M.L. Zhgenti p. 65 abstract

Medicament-Surgical Treatment of Auricular and Peryauricular Wounds in Dogs

V.I. Tvaliashvili, G.B. Antidze, T. Sh. Papuashvili, A.I. Ruadze, S. B. Chapidze p. 71 abstract

On Occurence of Acute Form of Paramphistomidosis of Ruminant Animals in Georgia in 2008

Sh.O. Potskhveria p. 74  abstract

Use of Isolators of Toxigenic Clostridia as Donors while Crossing them with Nonpathogenic Escherichia

J.V. Nachkebia, N. A. Chanishvili, M. R. Oniani p. 79 abstract

Comperative Estimation of Pasture and Intensive Methods of Goslings Raising of Javakheti Breed

A.A. Chagelishvili, A. Sh. Chkuaseli, M. I. Khutsishvili  p. 82 abstract

Milk Productivity of the Cross-Bred Ewes Depending on their Age and Multifetation

T.I. Paikidze, G.T. Begheluri, N.Sh. Bekauri  p. 84 abstract


Molecular Mechanisms of Transformation of Major, Secondary and Byproducts of Alcoholic Fermentation in Wine Champagnization Process (Review)

E. G. Kirtadze p. 87  abstract


Influence of Mountain Forests around Sioni and Being Constracted Lakbe Reservoir on the Main Water-Physical Properties of Soils

T.M. Japaridze, O.I. Dvalishvili p. 94 abstract


Essence and Role of SME in Economic System of Republic of Armenia

L. A. Margaryan, R. A. Makaryan p. 98 abstract

The External Economic Connections in System of Economic Relations

R.R.Mustafaeva p. 101 abstract


Toiler of Science (Correspondent member of Georgian Academy of Sciences P.P.Naskidashvili Ц 80)

p. 104 abstract

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p. 107

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