ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 6, No.  1,  2008
ISSN 1512-1887



Normal Phase Soil Thin Layer Chromatography of Synthetic Dyes and their Impact on Translocation of Trace Metals

     A. Mohammad and N. Ersad p. 7  abstract

Elimination of Potato Bacterial Invasion by Chitin

V. N. Baramidze, E. S. Davitashvili, I. G. Megrelishvili, E. T. Kapanadze, N. G. Aleksidze  p. 18  abstract

The Forecast of the Intensity of Soil Erosion for Main Soils of Georgia

G.P. Gogichaishvili, T.F. Urushadze, T.T. Urushadze p. 22  abstract

The Investigation of Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zizanioides, L. Nash) in the Greenhouse

G.V. Gavardashvili, G. G. Chakhaia, N.G. Gavardashvili p. 31  abstract

Fertility of the Irrigated Meadow-Serozem Soils under Fodder Crops

F. M. Ramazanova  p. 42 abstract

Index of Similarity of Geographic Location of Nesting Birds in Azerbaijan

 N.A. Sadykhova p. 47  abstract

Influence of Climate Global Warming on Productivity of Subtropical Technical Crops and Agriclimatic Zone Changes

G.G.Meladze, M.U.Tutarashvili, M.G.Meladze p. 50 abstract

Influence of Norms of Seeding and Various Dozes of Mineral Fertilizers on a Crop of Green Mass of Triticale Kartli-2

Z.R. Tkebuchava p. 56 abstract


Ecological Agricultural Development and Prospective in Azerbaijan

A. G. Babayev p. 60 abstract

Theoretical Issues of Implementing the International Norms in the Sphere of Environmental Protection in the System of Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan

A.A. Maharramov p. 68 abstract


 On Calculation of Dynamic Stiffness of Grains at Abrasive Processing

M. A. Grigoryan, S.A. Kokhlikyan p. 73 abstract

The Use of Nonlinear Regression Equation in Hydrological Calculations

D. N. Kereselidze, V.Z. Trapaidze, G. I. Bregvadze, S. G. Mdivani p. 76 abstract

Applicability of Light Emitting Diodes in the Agricultural Production

 S. E. Mikayelyan p. 79 abstract


The Terms of Embryonic and Parthenogenetic Development of Paramphistomum sp. in Georgia

 Sh.O.Potskhveria, G.I.Goderdzishvili p. 82 abstract

Results of Practical Application of Phage Preparation in Poultry Farming

M.M. Natidze, D.G. Goderdzishvili, T.M. Natidze, M.I. Ramishvili p. 87 abstract

The Productivity of Interbred Black-Motley X Holstein Cows in Crib-Pasture Conditions in the Republic of Armenia

 L.M. Minasyan p. 90  abstract

Brown Caucasian Breed of Cattle at the Beginning of the 21st Century

 L.A. Tortladze p. 93 abstract

The Influence of the Selection on the Hematologic Indices of Replacement of Javakheti Geese

R.S. Mitichashvili, A. A. Chagelishvili, I. R. Mitichashvili  p. 96 abstract

Formation of Intrabreed Types of Female Buffalos according to Fat-milk and Results of Estimation of Posterity Quality

 A. M. Kuliev  p. 99 abstract


Production of Lemon Aromatization from Lemon Sorgho

N. Sh. Bagaturia, E. A. Uturashvili p. 101  abstract


The Comparative Analysis of Biodiversity and Specially Protected Territory Systems in Armenia and Syria

H. I. Sayadyan, G. Barakat  p. 105 abstract


 The Ways of Economical Revival of the Subtropical Agriculture in Abkhazia

 L. V. Marshania p. 110 abstract

Privatization of the Agricultural Lands in Georgia

 P. P. Koguashvili, G. V. Zibzibadze, L. M. Gegenava  p. 115 abstract

The Peculiarities of Development of the Security Market in the Countries of Euro-Asian Region with Emerging Markets

 A. M. Baghdasaryan p. 120 abstract

Legal, Economical and Compensation Mechanisms of the Sustainable Development of the Mountain Regions of Azerbaijan

 A. G. Veliev p. 126 abstract

Complex Mechanization as an Important Intensification Tool of Agriculture

 A. A. Zurabyan p. 129 abstract

Possible Ways of Food Problem Solution in Armenia

  K. A. Grigoryan p. 131 abstract

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