ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 5, No.  2,  2007
ISSN 1512-1887



Role of Georgian Wheat Endemic Species in the Evolution and Breeding of Wheat (Triticum L.)

     P.P. Naskidashvili, M.P. Naskidashvili, I.P. Naskidashvili p. 9  abstract

Restoration of Traditional Crop Rotations with Wheat and Grain Legumes

 A.A. Korakhashvili, P.S. Vacheishvili, I.M. Stepniashvili p. 15  abstract

Soil Organic Matter Dynamics under Various Land Use and Management

M.H.Gerzabek p. 18  abstract

Humidity as a Factor of Fertility of Krasnozems under Mandarin Plantation

I.Sh. Kontselidze, L.N. Ebralidze, D.D.Jashi  p. 23  abstract

Balance of Humus of Southern Carbonate Chernozem under the Crop of Onion

 R.T.Lolishvili, M.T.Khutsishvili p. 26 abstract

Moisture Dynamics of Over-Wet Irrigated Meadow Brown Soils of Masis Region, Ararat Valley, under the Influence of Ground Water

S.A.Mamajanyan p. 29  abstract

Influence of the Waste Products of the Industry of Inorganic Materials on the Topsoil

Z.R. Gurbanova, S.M. Ibragimova p. 33 abstract

Influence of Organic Fertilizers on Fertility of the Soils under the Cultivated Beans

A.P. Aliyeva, V.I. Ragimov p. 35 abstract

Microelements and Evalution of Winter Pastures' Landscape

A.B. Jafarov, A.F.Hasanova p. 43 abstract

Test Results of Bacterial Stains BT against Cabbage Moth in the Lori Region of Armenia

A.M. Karapetyan, M.A.Sarkisyan p. 49 abstract

The Use of Phytoseiidae Mites as Agents of Biological Struggle

 K.P. Dilbaryan p. 51 abstract



Peculiarities of Implementation of Plain Technical Equipment on Slopes

Sh. I. Chalaganidze, D. A. Bedia, G. I. Mosashvili p. 55 abstract

Assessment of Coordination of Grain Combines and Transport Operation

 K.I. Aliev p. 64 abstract

Experimental Substantiation of Granulator Matrix Parameters at Wide Use of Local Fodder Resources

 M. I. Mamedov p. 66 abstract


About the Terms of Embriogenesis of Pathogenes of Passalurosis, Trichocephalosis and Trichostrongylosis of Rabbits in Georgia

M.A.Mosidze, G.I.Goderdzishvili, Sh.O.Potskhveria p. 72 abstract

Serological Identification of Some Strains of Pasteurellosis

S. L. Grigoryan, M. H. Hovhanisyan, A. R. Mkrtchyan, L. G. Tsaturyan, N. Musaelyan p. 75 abstract

The State of Metabolism in Cattle

A.G. Ramishvili, T.I. Markhvashvili, Sh.A. Makaradze, T.G.Natidze p. 77  abstract

Effeciency of the Usage of Bull-Producers of Holstein Breed of American Origin in Conditions of "Ranchpar" Farm of the Republic Armenia

L. M. Minasyan p. 79 abstract

Mass Increase and Relative Development of Muscles of the Body and its Parts of Mazekh, Balbas Sheep Breeds and Coridel Type

S.A. Pambukhchyan, I.K. Voskanyan, Z.S.Pambukhchan  p. 82 abstract


Physical-Chemical Indexes of Naturalness of Fruit-Berry Alkoholized, Fermented and Ferment-Alkoholized Juices

 N.Sh. Bagaturia, N.A. Begiashvili, I.V. Kupatadze, B.N. Bagaturia p. 84  abstract


Influence of Vectored Changes of Environmental Factors (Climate, Site and Human Beings) on Land-Use Systems - Example Forest Land-Use (ENFORCHANGE)

F. Makeschin, C. Fürst p. 86 abstract

Aspects of Biological Diversity in Short-Rotation Coppice Plantations as an Alternative to Shelterbelts

M. Liesebach p. 92 abstract


Agriculture of Georgia - from Declaration of Independence till the Present Day

N.I. Karkashadze p. 98 abstract

Main Trends of Development of Agroindustrial Complex of the Republic Armenia

S.S.Avetisyan p. 102 abstract

Main Problems of the Agricultural Food Sector of Azerbaijan

 A. F. Abbasov p. 105 abstract

Policy Options and Overview for Managing Food Price Risks and Instability in a Liberalizing Market Environment

S. R. Asatiani, R. N. Asatiani p. 108 abstract

Estimation of Sustainable Agricultural Production of Georgia

T.R. Kvaratskhelia p. 113 abstract

Principle Directions of the Entrepreneurship Development of Agriproduction in Armenia

 E. S. Ghazaryan, A A. Haikyan p. 108 abstract

Definition of the Optimum Sizes of Farms on the Privatized Grounds Kakheti and Shida Kartli Regions in Georgia

 L.I.Kelekhsashvili p. 113 abstract


In memory of M. I. Jafarov

 p. 122 abstract

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p. 123

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