ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 5, No.  1,  2007
ISSN 1512-1887



Degradation of Anthropogenic Contaminants by Higher Plants

    G.I.Kvesitadze, E.G.Kvesitadze p. 9  abstract

On the Effect of the Influence of Zeolitecontaing Rocks from Georgian Deposits on Grape Yield

T.G.Andronikashvili, V.G.Tsitsishvili, M.V.Alelishvili, N.M.Dolaberidze p. 21  abstract

Separation Studies of Amino Acids on Silica Gel Amended Soil Layers Developed with Surfactant Mediated Systems

A. Mohammad and R. Gupta p. 24  abstract

Comparative Productivity of Granulating Trash in Sowing of Early Riping Potato

E.M.Ghazaryan p. 33  abstract

On Diagnosing of Elementary Soil Processes at a Microlevel

L.G.Matchavariani p. 35 abstract

Small Mountainous Rivers of Armenia: Evaluation of Pollution by Wastewaters from the Sewers

G. H. Babayan p. 44  abstract

Water Balance of Natural Landscapes of Abkhazia

R.Sh. Meskhia, G.P.Gogichaishvili, T.T.Urushadze p. 48 abstract

Assessment of Climate Potential of Desertification

T. I. Tourmanidze, N. G. Chikhradze, M. A. Gigilashvili p. 50 abstract

Climate Zoning of Georgia a GIS-based Regionalisation of Long-Standing Precipitation and Temperature Data

M. Schaefer, E.I. Narimanidze, L. King p. 53 abstract

Struggle Against Desertification in Azerbaijan

A.H.Babayev p. 57 abstract

Questions of Exogenesis in the Mountain-Meadow Zone of Azerbaijan Part of the Great Caucasus

I.I. Mardanov p. 62 abstract

On Some Changes (Successions) in the Deserts of Jeiranchel-Ajinour Area of Azerbaijan

S.Z.Akhmedovav p. 65 abstract

Development of New Initial Material for the Selection of Tritikale in Georgia

Ts. Sh. Samadashvili p. 69 abstract

Zooplankton of Tributaries and Littoral of Lake Sevan in 2006

A.V.Krilov, S.H.Hakobyan, A.H.Hayrapetyan p. 71 abstract

The Ways of Increasing Effectiveness and Qualitative Characteristics of Valeriana officinalis L.

T. O. Kacharava, V. V. Esvanjia p. 75 abstract

On the Issue of the Development of Sericulture in the South Caucasus

G.V.Nikoleishvili, E.D.Shapakidze p. 79 abstract

Effect of Fodder on Biotechnological Indices of Mulberry Silkworm

N.K.Baramidze, M.O.Tsikhiseli, M.G.Khutsishvili p. 84 abstract

On the Contents of Microelements (B, Mn, Zn and Mo) in Raw Humus Calcareous Soils of Western Georgia

N.T. Nikoleishvili p. 87 abstract

The Influence of Mineral Fertilizers and Molibdenum on Soy-Bean Productivity

O.Y.Zardalishvili, K.Sh. Rokva p. 89 abstract

The Influence of Iron and Cooperon Transformation of Phenol in Plants

I. G. Abdushelishvili., Z.A. Kuratashvili p. 91 abstract


Enhanced Biodiversity and Perceived Risk to Food Safety: Campylobacter and Poultry

J.OBrien, L.Woodward, and B.D.Pearce  p. 94 abstract

The 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak the Organic Movements Response

W. Lawrence  p. 103 abstract



Electromagnetic Submersible Pumps

R.I. Ksovreli, G.A.Javakhishvili p. 106 abstract

Investigation Results of Mechanical Mixing Process in Biogas Plant

S.E. Margaryan, A.J. Aghasaryan, K.G. Yedoyan p. 110 abstract

Choice of Optimum Parameters of Spray Furrows at Broadcast Way of Emmer Wheat

S.L.Sahakyan p. 114 abstract

Technology of Many Years Cultures Growing on Mountain Slopes

Sh. I. Chalaganidze p. 117 abstract

Influence of Filtrates in Canals on the Ground Water Schedule

K.G. Bziava, Sh.Z. Kupreishvili, L.G. Javakhishvili p. 122 abstract


Application of Whole Milk Substitutes in Calves Growing

G.H.Giloyan, L.G.Vardevanyan, V.A.Abrahamyan p. 125 abstract

The Epizootological Anthrax Situation in Armenia

R.G.Tamrazyan, S.LGrigoryan p. 127 abstract

Tumorous Growth, Induced in White Mice with Protoplasts and Lysates of Toxigenic Clastridia and Clostridial Recombinants of Escherichia

J.V. Nachkebia, E.J. Nachkebia, K. J. Nachkebia p. 129  abstract

Hematic and Biochemical Parameters in Pigs at Spontaneous Hephatodistrofies in Conditions of Modelling of Pathologies of Liver

L.A. Makaradze, A. B. Bokuchava, Z. L. Makaradze p. 132 abstract

Stimulating Effect of Shearing Frequency in Young Ewes on Skin Integument

Sh.A.Lolashvili  p. 137 abstract

Peculiarities of Growth and Development of Calves Kept in Houses With Irregular Microclimate

Ts.V. Kiliptari, D.V. Basiladze, N.G.Kurtsikidze, R.S. Mitichashvili  p. 140 abstract

Content of Glucose, Ceruloplazmin and Urine Acid in the Blood of Different Types of Goats

G.Yu.Marmaryan, L.H.Hovakimyan, A.J.Sargsian  p. 144 abstract


Theoretical Basing of Parameters of Technological Line of Corn-Spirit Grain

V.N. Yavruyan, R.A. Stepanyan, L.V. Yavruyan p. 146  abstract

Application of Chromatographic Complex Methods of Investigation on Georgian Wine

I.Sh.Shatirishvili, Sh.I.Shatirishvili, Sh.K.Gigilashvili, G.N.Zakalashvili p. 150  abstract


A Simple Approach for the Climate-Change Integrated Assessment of the Potential Distribution of Plant Species on a Regional Scale

N. Feske p. 154 abstract

Woody Plants Phitophiltres of Environment Pollution in Yerevan

O. A. Juharyan, N. S. Torosyan p. 159 abstract

Peculiarities of Yew Forest Stands

I.T.Tvauri, N.D.Pasurashvili, A.T.Urushadze p. 161 abstract


On the Issue of Forming New Infrastructure of Agrarian System in Armenia

V.G.Mkrtchyan p. 165 abstract

Genesis of Problems of Viticulture-Wine Making and Directions of their Setting

P.P. Koguashvili, G.V. Zibzibadze p. 168 abstract


Some Data on Geochemistry of Aliminum within the Crust of Weathering in the Humid Subtropics of the West Transcaucasia

A.G.Chernyakhovski p. 172  abstract

Dynamics of Crust of Weathering Formation in the Holocene Deposits in Coastal Adjara

A.G.Chernyakhovski p. 176  abstract

Gibbsite in the Crust of Weathering of Coastal Adjara

A.G.Chernyakhovski p. 179  abstract


In memory of K.R.Korchilava

 p. 185 abstract

In memory of F.V.Yianyshevsky

 p. 187 abstract

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p. 188 abstract

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