ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 4, No.  3,  2006
ISSN 1512-1887



Heavy Metals in Soils

     G.O.Gambashidze, W.H.Blum, T.F.Urushadze, A.Mentler p. 7  abstract

Soil Thin Layer Chromatography of Amino Acids with Water and Surfactant Containing Mobile Phase Systems

A. Mohammad and R.Gupta p. 12  abstract

Influence of Simultaneous Application of Natural Ceolit with Fertilizers for the Dynamics of Nutritions in Soil under Potato

M.I.Jafarov, G.A.Asanov p. 20  abstract

The Ecosystem of Vegetation Cover of Jeiranchel-Ajinauri Massif of Azerbaijan

S.Z.Akhmedova p. 24  abstract

Catastrophic Drought in Southern Caucasus, Necessity of its Monitoring and Mitigation Measures

T.I.Tourmanidze, V.G.Grigoryan, N.G.Chikhradze, G.T.Tetradze p. 28 abstract

Animal Breeding and Fodder Production in Georgia: Analysis of Current Situation and Perspectives of its Development. Information 2. Food Production

G. D. Agladze p. 32  abstract

 Fungi - a Carrier of Mulberry Phytoplasmos

N.M.Chkhaidze p. 38 abstract

Some Questions on Cation Nutrition of Soybeans from Tea Plantations Cutting out During Krasnozem Chemical Amelioration

B.A.Godziahvili, M.V.Chebotareva, M.D.Kuchava, Sh.T.Mukhashavria p. 41 abstract

Prospects of Use of Two-Handle Grain

I.A.Zedginidze, J.G.Shengelia, Z.D.Khachidze, G.B.Demetrashvili p. 45 abstract

"Biosphere-Equipment-Human" and the Systematic Analysis of Current Processes

A.I.Tolomashvili, G.Sh.Tkemaladze, G.D.Butskhrikidze, I.V.Gelashvili, I.A.Tolomashvili p. 49 abstract


Rule of Tension Pipe Bore Widening Under the Influence of Liquid Flowing Within

A.R.Minasyan p. 52 abstract

Mathematical Model of Definition of Soils Moisture at Mulching

I.G.Kruashvili, K.G.Bziava, I.D.Inashvili, M.V.Loria p. 55 abstract

On the Development of Machines and Working Bodies of a Soil-protective Complex

F.A.Mammadov, A.T.Agabeyli, U.F.Bashirov p. 57 abstract

Production Without Waste Technology of Cleaning, Transportations and Clearing of Fruits of Nuts

D.A.Mamedov p. 61 abstract

Major Estimation Parameters of the Filtration Loss

 L.G.Javakhishvili p. 64 abstract

Substantiation of the Basic Circuit and Some Parameters Contact the Linear-Step-by-Step Electric Drive

N. A.Beridze, T.A. Simonishvili, N.A.Surguladze, T.Sh.Kobakhidze p. 68 abstract


 Improvement of Epizootological Prognosis Model in Case of Aphtna

O.I. Bakhutashvili, M.G.Kereselidze, G.V.Davituliani, I.P.Tatrishvili p. 71 abstract

 The Principle Scheme of Obtaining, Physical-chemical, Toxic and Anthelminthic Properties of Preparation GZ-048 and Compositions on its Basis

D.S.Zurabishvili, I.N.Gogolashvili, P.A.Rostomashvili, M.C.Kartvelishvili, Iu.F.Sadaterashvili, B.G.Chitashvili, G.I. Goderdzishvili p. 77 abstract

Avain Influenza and Veterinary-Sanitary Control Measures

T.K.Kurashvili, O.I.Bakhutashvili, I.F. Kharebadze, V.P. Nebieridze p. 84  abstract

On Tushuri Sheep and its Historically Formed Two Intraspecific Types

Sh.A.Lolashvili p. 90 abstract

PVFT Phage Against Staphylococcus Strains Causing Infectious Disease in Animals

T.G.Gabisonia, L.G. Chanishvili, M.M.Nadiradze, N. K.Chakhunashvili, .J.Loladze,
D.A.Maglakelidze, I.A.Makadze, K.A.Didebulidze, G.S.Melashvili, T.K. Kurashvili
p. 92 abstract


Qualitative and Quantitative Structure of Amino Acids of White Table Dry Wines Low in Oxidation Depending on the Kinds of Used Fermentative Yeast

G.A.Samvelyan, A.L.Hunanyan p. 96  abstract


The Economic Growth Debate - Geography Versus Insitutions: Is There Anything Really New?

S. Ahlfeld, H.-R. Hemmer and A. Lorenz p. 98 abstract

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