ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 4, No.  2,  2006
ISSN 1512-1887



Plant and Contaminated Environment

E.G.Kvesitadze, G.I.Kvesitadze p. 8  abstract

Estimation of Fungicidal and Enzymatic Activities of Modified 2,4-Dihydroxyphenylthioamides Against Strains of Yeast-like Fungi

M.Kostecka, U.Glaszicz, Z. Malinski, A. Niewiadomy p. 27  abstract


O. Nestroy p. 36  abstract

Features of Disease of "Curly Leaf" of Mulberries

N.A.Stepanishvili, Z.G.Putkaradze, E.V.Kimutsadze, I.O.Chargeishvili p. 47  abstract

On the Effect of the Influence of Natural Zeolite - Laumontite on the Growth of Soybean in Mixed Sowing

L.J. Gvasalia, M.A. Kardava, T.G.Andronikashvili p. 50 abstract

Animal Breeding and Fodder Production in Georgia: Analysis of Current Situation and Perspectives of its Development. Information 1. Animal Breeding

G. D. Agladze p. 54  abstract

Impact of Rangeland Use on Livestock Productivity

A.A.Torekhanov p. 60 abstract

Bioenergy and Nutritive Value of Natural Grasslands of Ararat Depression in Armenia

B.Kh. Mezhunts p. 65 abstract

Oxidation of Organic Xenobiotics by Phenoloxidase from Tea Leaves

M.V.Pruidze, G.A.Khatisashvili, N.T.Omiadze p. 69 abstract

Results of Genetical and Selectional Study of Native and Selectional Sorts of Georgian Soft Wheat

P. P. Nasckidashvili, M. P. Nasckidashvili, I. P. Nasckidashvili p. 73 abstract

Influence of Planting Terms upon Growth and Development of Cactus Dahlia Cultivars under Tbilisi Conditions

M.N.Mutshaidze p. 76 abstract

Anomalies of Temperature of Air and Rainfall in Samtskhe-Djavakheti Mountains

R.S.Meschia, G.P.Gogitshaishvili, T.T.Urushadze p. 80 abstract

Distribution of Dendrophile Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) of Kakheti and Nukha-Zakatala Districts

A.Sh.Supatashvili p. 84 abstract

Potassium Nutrition of Tea Bush

B.A.Godziashvili p. 89 abstract

Agronomic and Technologic Investigation of Introduced Grapevine Cultivars (Riesling, Sauvignon, Group of Pinot) in the Zone of Bitsmend

K.V. Gogishvili, N.G. Tzertsvadze p. 92 abstract

Some Agroecological Points of Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) Growing in Eastern Georgia

L.S. Makhauri p. 95 abstract


Mathematical Model for the Definition of Heat Conductivity of Soil for Achieving the Harvest of Early Agricultural Crops

I.G.Kruashvili, K.G.Bziava, I.D.Inashvili, M.V.Loria p. 98 abstract

Forecast of Firmness and Deformation Characteristics of Covering Constructions of Irrigation Canals

L.G.Javakhishvili p. 102 abstract

Possibility of Reducing Rotary Width for Wheeled Tractors at Cultivated Areas

V.A.Butshukuri, R.R.Kikvidze p. 105 abstract

Operation Analysis of the Improved Mounted Mechanism

V.Z.Miruashvili, O.M.Tedoradze, Sh.G.Kavtaradze p. 110 abstract


Taxonomix Status of Reproductives and Measures against Piroplazmidozes

E.G. Gojayev p. 114 abstract

On the Diagnostics of Animal Helminthiases

H.Z. Naghashyan, A.R. Hakobyan, V.B. Andriasyan, O.V. Shcherbakov p. 118 abstract

Correlation of Quality Indicators of Beef of Thoroughbred and Cross-Breed Young Animals

R.T.Sargsyan p. 120  abstract

Toxigenic Clostridia as a Causal Factor of Escherichia Pathogenicity

J.V.Natshkebia, E.J.Natshkebia, K.J.Natshkebia p. 122 abstract

X-Ray Phorometrical Indices of Mineralization of the Bones of Healthy Cows and Cows Ill with Osteadystrophia

A.G.Ramishvili p. 127 abstract

Effectiveness of Dust Aerosol of Vaccination of Poultry Against New Castle Disease (ND) by Vaccine from Strain Bor-74

E.G. Khorguani, V.A.Tshikadze p. 129 abstract

Terms of Dams' Pregnancy, Fruitfulness and Viability of Young Sheep of Cordel Type

S.A. Pambukhcyan p. 133 abstract


Perfection of Cognac Spirit Production by Means of Applying Wine Materials with Optimal Doze of Fiber

D.A.Bolkvadze, L.A.Mujiri p. 135  abstract


Eastern Border of the Area of Picea orientalis and Abies nordmanniana and Their Bio-ecological Characteristics

N.A. Dzotsenidze p. 137  abstract

Present Condition of Landscaping in City of Gyumri

A.S.Khatshatryan p. 141 abstract


Global Warming and the Problems of Agricultural Production in Georgia

N.I.Karkashadze p. 146 abstract

The Development of State Regulation and Control of Banking in Republic of Armenia

H.Kh. Khatshatryan p. 148 abstract

Some Questions of the State Regulation of Agrarian Sector

N. Javadov p. 152 abstract


Meetings and Work with V.A. Kovda

B.P.Gradusov p. 154 abstract

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