ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 4, No.  1,  2006
ISSN 1512-1887



Influence of Natural Zeolites on Some Properties of Soil

T.G. Andronikashvili, M.K. Gamisonia, M.A. Kardava p. 9  abstract

Soil Science: Unde Venis et quo Vadis?

J. Bech p. 15  abstract

Influence of Dimethoate on Some Available Nutrients of Fertilized Soil, Seed Germination, Growth and Nutrients Uptake by Wheat (Triticum Aestivum)

A. Mohammad and A. Moheman p. 21  abstract

Chemical Modification of Monooxygenase System During Xenobiotic Oxidation

M.V. Kurashvili, T.I. Ananiashvili, E.A. Kiskeidze p. 29  abstract

Influence of Soil Plowing Main Technologies on the Weed Control and Yield in Fields of Triticale

F. U. Karapetyan, H. A.Aivazyan p. 34 abstract

Influence of the Ratio of Fruitful and Fruitless Shoots on the Growth and Yielding of Hayastan Grape Bushes

A.S.Grigoryan p. 37  abstract

Pecularities of Early Seed-Farming Organization in Ararat Valley

H.V. Hovsepyan p. 40 abstract

Growing of Cherry Seeding in Conditions of Premountain Zone (Preliminary Statement)

G. S. Gabrielyan  p. 43 abstract

Testing of New Herbicide Kolaphen in Winter Wheat Plots

V.R.Torchyan, A.R.Khachatryan p. 46 abstract

Changing Number of Soil Nematod is Affected by Different Norms of Mineral Fertilizers

G.D. Agladze, I. V. Sarjveladze  p. 49 abstract

Tendency of Repeatability of Rainfall and Change of their Amount at Various Anomalies of Temperature of Air in Lower Kartli

R.S. Meskhia, G.P. Gogichaishvili, T.T.Urushadze p. 52 abstract

Estimation of Potential Bioproductivity of Kocheti Valley on the Basis of Soil-Climatic Characteristics

T. T.Tourmanidze, L.K. Simonishvili p. 55 abstract


Torsion of High-rise Large-panel Building under Horizontal Load

S. A. Daveyan p. 58 abstract

Vibro-Steadiness of Non-Central Grinding Machine with Wide Circles

S.A.Kochlikyan p. 62 abstract

Mechanization and Perspectives of Sericulture Technological Operations

E. D. Shapakidze p. 65 abstract

Rippling of Multilinked Structural-nonhomogeneous Prismatic Shell Construction

R.B. Danelia, N.S. Kamkamidze  p. 71 abstract

Method of Mountainous River Water Flow Forecasts

Ts. Z. Basilashvili  p. 75  abstract


Influence of Beef Sperm on Level of Glutamine Family Amino Acids and its Exchange Enzymes Activities in Rat

G.Ju. Marmaryan, A.K. Hakobyan, A.M. Harutjunyan, R.G. Kamalyan p. 81 abstract

Meat Production of Sheep of Mazekh and Cordiel Types

Z. S. Pambukhchyan, S.A. Pambukhchyan  p. 83  abstract

Anatomical Peculiarities of Internal Organs of Sheep

G. T. Ramishvili, G.V.Kvachrelishvili p. 87  abstract

New Reserves Influencce on the Increase of Wool and Meat

Sh. A. Lolashvili p. 91 abstract

Strategy and Tactics of Combat Against Foot-And-Mouth Disease in Armenia at Modern Stage

S.E. Nersisyan, G.E. Voskanyan, T.H Markosyan, M.B.Kazaryan p. 98 abstract

Studying the Effectiveness of Anti Foot-in-Mouth Disease Monovalent and Polyvalent Vaccines in Georgia

O. I. Bakhutashvili, T.K. Kurashvili, G.G. Saghirashvili, L.L. Tortladze p. 101 abstract

Pathomorphological Changes in Pigs During Hepatodystrophy and its Diagnostic Value

Z.l. Makaradze, L.A. Makaradze p. 104 abstract

Quantitative and Qualitative Changes in the Membranes Phospholipids Composition of Erytrocytes and Lymphocytes at Leucosis of Cattle

A.Yu.Shirvanyan p. 109 abstract

Milk Productivity and Clinical Indices of Caucasian Brown in Hot Climate Conditions

A.R. Dolmazascvili, G.I. Gogoli, G.I. Macharashvili, G.D.Khatiasvili  p. 111 abstract

Investigation of Sensibility of Serpulina Hyodysenteriae to Homologus Hyperimmune Serum in Vitro

S.G. Yeghojan  p. 115 abstract

Perspectives of Using Spirulina as an Accessory Nutrient in Sericulture

D.I.Jokhadze, L.S.Gigolashvili, R.I.Goglidze, N.B.Baramidze, G.G.Gigolashvili  p. 117 abstract


Complex Chromatographic Methods of Estimation of the Quality of Wine Production

B. S. Chernyaga, I. Sh. Shatirishvili, Sh. I. Shatirishvili, K. I. Beriashvili p. 120  abstract

Efficiency of Using Pits Ц Waste of Food Production

V. N. Yavruyan A. A. Zargaryan N. V. Yavruyan p. 128  abstract

Economical Effect of Calculation for Cheese Making from Mixture of Cows Fat Free Milk and Goat Milk

A.R.Beglaryan ,R.H.Aleksanyan, V.S.Ajvazyan p. 132  abstract


Effects of Forest Conversion of Spruce (Picea Abies) Plantations into Site-Adapted Mixed Stands on the Ground Vegetation

Peter A. Schmidt & Maik Denner p. 133  abstract

Influence of Wind Protective Belts on the Water and Heat Regimes of the Alluvial Soils of East Georgia

T.F. Urushadze, A.T. Urushadze p. 141 abstract


Possible Approaches of a Poverty-oriented Development Policy: a General Survey

Hans-Rimbert Hemmer p. 145 abstract

Problems of Social Insurance and Provision of Pensions of Agricultural Population

S. G. Mamedova p. 156 abstract

Organization Mechanisms Increasing Efficiency of Usage of Agricultural Machinery in the Republic of Armenia

G.S.Tspnetsyan p. 159 abstract

Priorities of Economical and Technological Strategies for the Development of Agricultural Sector in Georgia under Globalization Conditions

O.G. Keshelashvili p. 162 abstract


In memory of A.I. Romashkevich (1927-2005)   p. 166 

A Few Words in the Memory of Ana Ivanovna   p. 167 

In Memory of V.A. Strunikov (1914-2006)   p. 168 

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p. 170

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