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Transformation of Land Use in Mountain Adjara and its Possible Consequences for the Last 15 Years

R.G.Gracheva p. 7  abstract

Agribiological Bases of the Cut and Loading of the Sprouts of the New Selection sort of the Vine Anait

F.G.Arutunyan p. 16  abstract

On the Effect and After-Effect of Application of Some Zeolite Containing Rocks into the Soil on the Yield of Dill and Table Beet

K.I.Beriashvili, O.I. Zardalishvili, T.G.Andronikashvili p. 19  abstract

The Results of Crossing The Variety of Arabicum Jakubz Wild Crowing Wheat T.dicoccoides Schuebl with Cultural Species of Wheat

P.P.Naskidashvili, M.P.Naskidashvili, I.P.Naskidashvili p. 24  abstract

Heavy Metals Content of Prosphours and Organic Fertilizers

G.N.Margvelashvili, O.G.Oniani, G.A.Javakhishvili p. 32 abstract

Some Biochemical Features of Different Pear Varieties

Sh.N.Rajametov p. 34  abstract

Inheritance of Protein, Starch and Oil Content in Maize Hybrids, Obtained by the Method of Diallelic Crossing

F.Kh.Abdullaev p. 39 abstract

Erosion Potential of Rain in Georgia and its Evaluation in Connection with the Change of Climate

G.P.Gogichaisvili p. 41 abstract

On the Century Regime of General and Lower Circle Cloudiness in Georgia

R.G.Gvazava p. 47 abstract


On the Question of Development of Control Circuits of the Agricultural Electrified Bridge Units

A.K.Didebulidze, D.I.Gabelia p. 50 abstract

Ripper Power Parameters on Unilateral Terraces

A.A.Melkonyan p. 55 abstract

Determining the Optimal Density of the Crops of Hoeing Cultures

E.D.Shapakidze, D.V.Natroshvili p. 57 abstract

Modeling of Exploitation Parameters of the Universal Row-Sow Tractor Aggregate

G.G.Muradyan, A.J.Aghasaryan, A.G.Muradyan p. 60  abstract

Meliorative actions on regulation of air-water and heat of ground

I.G.Kruashvili p. 63 abstract

Stable Forms of Channels Cross-Section of Meliorative Water-Currents

E.G.Kuchalashvili, R.V.Danelia, I.Z.Gogsadze, R.Sh.Kruashvili p. 70 abstract

Prognosis of High-Water Flow of Mountainous River in Western Georgia

Ts.Z.Basilashvili, J.G.Mamasakhlisi p. 75 abstract

Approximate Method of Calculations of Carrying Ability of Large Panel Buildings

S.A.Daveyan, R.S.Minasyan p. 79 abstract

Technology of Additional Fertilizing of Plants by Liquid Organic-Mineral Fertilizers

R.E.Ramazashvili, Y.E.Ramazashvili p. 81 abstract


Leucocytes Interferon Reaction (LIR) and Bovine Leukaemia Virus (BLV) in Cattle

M.M.Mikeladze, I.I.Georgadze, T.K.Kurashvili, A.G.Tzulaia p. 85  abstract

The Influence of the Crystalline Bactericidin ??-5 on the Chicken Embryo and Poults of Post-embryonic period

L.T.Danielyan, S.A.Alexanyan p. 87 abstract

Capacity Proportions of Stomach in Five-Year Lambs of Armenian Semi-Coarse Wool Breed of Soil Brought up in Different Ecological Zones

R.S.Mkhitaryan, M.G.Mirzoyan p. 90  abstract

Causative Conditionality of Pathogenicity of Escherichii Connected with Toxigenic Clostridi and their Joint Inhabitant

J.V.Nachkebia, E.J.Nachkebia, K.J.Nachkebia p. 93 abstract


Using Soya-Protein and Soya-Fat in Ice-Cream Production

L.G.Grigoryan. A.R.Beglaryan p. 97  abstract

Estimation of Efficiency of Chromatographic Columns in Winemaking

Sh.J. Shatirishvili, J.Sh.Shatirishvili, J.N.Osephaishvili p. 99  abstract

Determination of Chemical and Technological Parameters of Strong Drink "Dary Yabloni"

L.A.Mujiri, E.M.Lotikashvili p. 102 abstract


Problems of Walnut-Tree Growing in Georgia

G.N.Gigauri p. 105  abstract

Certain Peculiarities of Regeneration of Quercus iberica

J.V.Lomidze, A.T.Urushadze, S.T.Rostiashvili p. 110  abstract


Who Creates Jobs in Today's World ? Reviewing SMEs and their Contribution to Employment

F.Welter, D.Smallbone p. 114 abstract

The Problems of Transitional Economics

H.I.Aghajanyan p. 119 abstract

Tax Incentives of Activation of Real Estate Market in Republic of Armenia

V.L.Harutunyan p. 123 abstract

Some Methodical Questions of Non-Payment Evaluations of Enterprises

S.P.Amirkhanyan, S.R.Hunanyan p. 126 abstract

Structure-Conduct-Performance Analysis of the Dairy Marketing Channel in Armenia

A.S.Nakobyan, R.Sh.Sarukhanyan p. 129 abstract

More Attention to the Efficiency of Economical Reforms

V.K.Burkadze p. 134 abstract

Prediction Analysis of Possible Combination of Cultures in the Subtropical Farms

R.Sh.Kopaliani p. 137 abstract

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