ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 3, No.  4,  2005
ISSN 1512-1887



Environmental Contamination and Phytoremediation Technologies

H.Hidaka, T.Sadunishvili, J. Ramsden, V.Aplakov, G.Kvesitadze p. 9  abstract

Study of the Effect of Molubdenum on Growth and Nutrients Concentration of Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) and Black Gram (Phaseolus mungo)

A.Mohammad and A.Moheman p. 22  abstract

Absorption of Phenol and M-Cresol in Soils

M.Sh.Mgeladze, B.A.Arziani, I.G.Abdushelishvili, V.D.Ugrekhelidze p. 27  abstract

Sustainable Production of Maize in Austria: Results of a Long-Term Experiment

C. Gyuricza, A. Ujj, J. Rosner p. 31  abstract

Early Drought Detection and Impact Assessment on Production from Operational Environmental Satellites

F.N.Kogan, T.I.Tourmanidze p. 38 abstract

Problems Involved in Coordination of the Austrian Soil Classification System 2000 with the World Reference Base for Soil Resources 1998

O.Nestroy p. 41  abstract

Potato Healthy Planting Material Mass Production Technolgy in the Republic of Armenia

A.A.Sahakyan, G.H.Melyan, A.A.Barsegyan, K.A.Gazaryan, L.R.Aleksanyan p. 47 abstract

Bioeffect of Deuterated Water on Enzymatic Systems of Plants

M.N.Oziashvili p. 49 abstract

Signficance of Natural Enemy Populations in Regulating Number of Scales in Citrus Groves (Homoptera, Coccoideam Diaspididae) in Adjara

E.S.Tabatadze p. 55 abstract

Soil Conservation Basics for Rangeland Use

A.A.Torekhanov p. 62 abstract

Gemorphological Division into Districts of Meliorative Fund of Georgia in Connection with the Estimation of Potential Erosive Danger of the Lands

G.P.Gogichaishvili, T.T.Urushadze p. 68 abstract

Diagnostic and Using of Steppes Solonetz of Georgia

R.K.Mardaleishvili, M.V.Tvalavadze, M.R.Mardaleishvili p. 73 abstract

Radioecology of Agro Landscapes on the Territory of Gardabani Thermoelectric Power Station

Kh.G.Khutashvili, Kh.Z.Chankseliani, E.N.Epitov p. 77 abstract

The Influence of Mineral Fertilizers on the Nutritive Regime of Alluvial Soddy Acid Soils

T.R.Chitashvili p. 82 abstract


Computation of Drainage Under Pressure Nourishment of Ground Waters (In Ararat Valley case)

E.H.Khachatryan p. 86 abstract

Water Taking by Flowing Well in Filtering Motion Conditions with Well Internal Hydraulics

N.L.Melikyan p. 89 abstract

Determination of the Form of Curve Depression of Seepage Flow and Hydrodynamic Capacity of Pressure regarding Original Gradient

R.V.Danelia, T.E.Katzarava, N.A.Mebonia p. 91 abstract

Principle of Action and Vector Diagrams Electromagnetic Vibrodrivein Magnetization a Direct Current

G.A.Javakhishvili p. 95 abstract

Condition of Movement of Multicomponent Streams

E.G.Kukhalashvili, N.A.Undilashvili, P.O.Sichinava p. 98 abstract

Character of Changing the Surface Layer of Strengthened Metal After Working of the Planer and Griding Machine

S.A.Kochlikyan, G.B. Bagdasaryan p. 101 abstract

Operational Estimation Issues of the Rehabilitation Cutting Assemblies in Tea-Plantations

B.B.Basilashvili, Z.K.Makharoblidze p. 103 abstract

Kinetics of Explosive Reactions in Solid Materials

H.H.Mkhitaryan p. 107 abstract


Taxonomic Status of Reproductives and Measures against Piroplazmidozes

E.G.Gojaev p. 110 abstract

Role of Limbical Mechanizms in Respiratory Regulations in Oxygen Deficiency Conditions

N.S.Hakopyan, N.J.Adamyan, R.S.Arutunyan, M.A.Karapetyan p. 114 abstract

Causal Conditionality of Pathogen City of Escherichia Connected with Their Joint Inhabitance with Oxygenic Clostridia (Information Four)

 J.V.Nachkebia, E.J.Nachkebia, K.J.Nachkebia p. 118  abstract

Ways of Preventive Measures Against Metabolic Diseases in Cows in Georgia

A.G.Ramishvili p. 123 abstract

Lamb Breeding for Meat Production up to 10 Months of Age Depending on Stocks

S.A.Pambukhyan p. 126 abstract


On the Investigation of Black Baikhoa Tea Processing Enriched with Stevia

V.P.Tzanava, Z.J.Dzneladze, E.R.Gobronidze p. 130  abstract

Increase of Safety and Steadiness of Frankfurter and Pork Sausages by the Method of Radurization

S.I.Sahradyan p. 133  abstract

Perfection of Cognac Production by Means of Balanced Wine Materials

I.N.Iashvili, L.A.Mujiri p. 138  abstract

Disclose of Meat with Signs of DFD in Frozen Beef Boxes by pH Value and Colour

H.H.Hovsepyan p. 140  abstract


On the Adaption to Climate Change: the Role of Forests

M.Lovera p. 142  abstract

Botanical-Geographycal Regioning and Diversity of Adjara Forest Vegetation

Z.K.Manvelidze p. 146 abstract

Results of Morphological Research of Chestnut Fruits in Georgia

G.A.Gagoshidze  p. 164  abstract

Natural Regeneration of Taxus baccata and the Ways of Its Expansion in the Forests of East Georgia

J.V.Lomidze, A.T.Urushadze, I.T.Tvauri  p. 168  abstract


Developing Countries: Are they Victims or Beneficiaries of Globalisation ? An Overview over the Most Relevant Economic Aspects of Globalization Unemployment and the Active Employment Policy

Hans-Rimbert Hemmer  p. 171  abstract

Agricultural Gross Product of Armenia

A.P.Galanteryan, M.A.Pogosyan  p. 175 abstract

Organizational-Legistlative Forms of Enterprising in Georgia

G.I.Dzagnidze p. 179 abstract

Economic Issues on Social and Ecological Safety

R.I.Manvelidze p. 185 abstract

Contempopary Demographic State of the Rural Population of Georgia

G.G.Meladze p. 191 abstract


A Gifted Chemist of Tragic Fate

G.V.Tsintsadze, N.Z.Mgeladze, R.V.Chagunava p. 199 abstract

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