ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 3, No.  3,  2005
ISSN 1512-1887



Degradation of Soils and Temporary Ecological Crisis

G.V.Dobrovolski p. 11  abstract

The European Soil Thematic Strategy - a New Research Agenda

W.E.H.Blum p. 16  abstract

Classification of Pedological Systems: a Challenge for the Future of Soil Science

A.Ruellan p. 24  abstract

Is Sustainability Beyond the Far Horizon ?

R.W.Arnold  p. 29  abstract

Alexander von Humboldt and the Characterization of Soil Fertility

H.-P.Blume & H. Sticher p. 35 abstract

Soil Mapping and Databases in Hungary

G.Várallyay p. 39  abstract

Initial Soil Formation on Quarry Detritus Under Tree Plantations in Northeast Estonia

L.Reintam, E.Kaar and I.Rooma p. 49  abstract

In Common Space and Time Areal

T.F.Urushadze, X.K.Mindeli p. 53 abstract

Soils and Urban Planting

N.I.Sheviakova, T.A.Zubkova, L.O.Karpashevkii p. 64  abstract

General Concept on Functions and Resources of Soil Cover in Scientific Works of Academician G.V.Dobrovolski

B.P.Gradusov p. 76  abstract

Soil Knowledge in Ancient Greece As Reflected in Classical Greek Writings

J.Bech p. 81 abstract

Global Warming and Problems of Agricultural Science

N. I. Karkashadze p. 87 abstract

Ecological Estimation of Soil and Relation Between Soil and Plant Cover

M.I.Jafarov, A.D.Babaeva p. 90 abstract

Problems and Perspectives of Biological Agriculture and Biological Diversity Conservation in Azerbaijan

Z.A.Ibragimov p. 93 abstract

Ararat Valley Irrigated Meadow Brown Soils Humus Characteristics Related to Their Secondary Salinization

R.R.Manoukyan, S.H.Bakunts, Jev.N.Badalyan p. 97 abstract

Reception of High Heterotic Simple Interlinear Hybrids on the Basis of the Lines Deduced from Local Grades of Corn in Georgia and Abroad

J.G.Saatashvili p. 102 abstract

Maintenance of Bacterial Pathogens of Bacillus Thuringiensis Pesticid in Forest Farm Typical Chernozems

M.A.Sargsyan, H.R.Mesropyan, H.M.Gdlyan, L.T.Davtyan  p. 109 abstract

Interaction of Phosphorus Manurings Upon the Some Georgian Soils

R.O.Lordkipanidze p. 112 abstract

Peculiarities of Phosphorous Feeding in Cinnamonic and Meadow-Cinnamonic Soils of West Georgia

N..O. Kiknadze p. 115  abstract

Ultrastructural Reorganization of Plant Cell in the Process of Xenobiotics Metabolism

G.V.Zaalishvili,T.G.Varazashvili,T.I.Ananiashvili,G.A.Khatisashvili, E.G.Kvesitadze  p. 117  abstract

Results of Revealing New Genetic Sources of Shortstemming from Triticum L.

P.P.Naskhidashvili,M.P.Naskhidashvili,M.G.Dekanoidze,T.G.Darsavelidze, D.O.Dedoshvili, I.P.Naskhidashvili p. 123  abstract

Ways of Increasing Alfalfa Grass Yield and Quality

A.K.Yeritsyan, H.S.Vardanyan, A.K.Alyokhina, A.G.Kloyan p. 128  abstract

Study and Selection of Table Watermelon Sort Samples in Conditions of Ararat Plain

V.N.Dabaghyan p. 131  abstract

Study of the Pumpkin Collection

R.S. Balayan p. 133  abstract

Peculiarities of Used Sterile Forms in Heteroiosise Selection of Tomato

R.S. Shahazizyan, S.A. Hayrapetova  p. 135  abstract

Testing Indeterminate Varieties of Tomato in Substratum and Soil in Winter Greenhouse Conditions

S.Kazaryan, G.Aslanyan  p. 137  abstract

Biological Effectiveness of New Insecticides Against Larva of Armenian Scale on Apple-Trees in Aragatsotin Region

H.H.Babayan, L.Kh. Mkrtchian  p. 139  abstract

Protection of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Biodiversity in Georgia

T.O.Kachara, A.A.Korakhashvili  p. 141  abstract

Human Environment Expansion of Axiological Basis for Sustainable Ecological Use of Nature

G.A.Gligvashvili, I.B.Sharashenidze,T.T.Urushadze  p. 146  abstract


Adaptation Features of Cereals' Stems to External Mechanical Impact

A.P.Tarverdyan p. 149 abstract

Problems of Safe Exploitation of Water Gas Tension Pipes Placed in Ground Medium

A.R.Minasyan p. 155  abstract

Laying of Wearproof Coverings on the Surface of Cutting Tools

D.P.Petrosyan, G.S.Hovsepyan, K.G.Karapetyan, H.S.Alexanyan p. 158 abstract

Physical Bases of Work of Electromagnetic Vibrodriven by Magnetization of a Direct Current

G.A.Javakhishvili p. 160  abstract

Stationary Hydrodynamic Processes Due to Extremal Reason in Reservoir and Canals

R.V.Danelia, I.Z.Gogsadze p. 166 abstract

Conditions of Steadiness of Non-Central Grinding by Cutting

S.A.Kochlikyan p. 169 abstract

Automatic Device for Producing Flexible Consumer Packages

E.G.Mailova, A.B.Voskanyan p. 173 abstract


Secretion of Ingibrative Substances with Milk

G.B.Seropian p. 176 abstract

Assortment and Study of Same Physical Characteristics of Vaccine Fillers for Aerosol Use

E.G.Khorguani p. 179 abstract

Changes of Some Hemotological Indices in Coros During Nephritis

A.L.Asatryan p. 182  abstract

Anatomical Peculiarities Sympathetical Columns, Sympathetical Bands and Connective Branches in Ram

G.V.Kvachrelishvili, G.T.Ramishvili p. 184  abstract

Diversity and Perfection of Georgian Local Cattle

L.A.Tortladze p. 189 abstract

Some Indices of Abomasal Content in Healthy Calves and Calves with Dispepsion

A.V.Manasyan, G.R.Petoyan p. 193 abstract

Causal Conditionality of Pathogen Features of Escherichia due to their Joint inhabitance with Oxygenic Clostridia

J.V.Nachkebia, E.J.Nachkebia, K.J.Nachkebia p. 195 abstract


Devising Method of Complex Biopolymers Quantitative Determination

N.G.Mamardashvili, L.D.Khukhunashvili, L.A.Mujiri p. 197  abstract


International Forest Policy Dialogue and the Situation of Forest at the Global Level: a Brief Overview

M.Lovera p. 200  abstract

Influence of Forest Protected Belts on the Agricultural Crop Yielding

G.I.Kharaishvili p. 204 abstract

The Litter of Dark Coniferous Forests of Georgia

N.G.Tarasashvili, G,S,Vachnadze, G.I.Kukhianidze, G.V.Tzereteli  p. 211  abstract

Forest Introduction in Georgia

K.L Tugushi  p. 215  abstract

Chestnut Woods of Moderately Damp Ecotops of East Georgia

G.A.Gagoshidze  p. 218  abstract

The Effect of Environmental Pollution on Cambial Activity and Wood Formation of Ring-Porous Woody Trees

E.D.Lobjanidze, G.Sh.Kajaia, M.D.Gabunia, D.K.Tsertsvadze, A.T.Urushadze  p. 218  abstract


Unemployment and the Active Employment Policy

A.S.Melkumyan  p. 224  abstract

Economic Coherences Between Food Consumption and Income Conditions in the Hungary Households

LVasa  p. 228 abstract


Academican Gleb Dobrovolsky is 90 !   p. 233 

Academican Napoleon Karkashadze is 70 !   p. 235 

For the Sake and Despite!   p. 237 


Professor Zbigniew Prusinkiewicz, Polish Scientist and Teacher   p. 239 

A Few More Words about Professor Zbigniew Prusinkiewicz!   p. 243 

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p. 244

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