ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 3, No.  2,  2005
ISSN 1512-1887



Sustainable Landuse as a Basis for a Healthy Nutrition and a Corner Stone for Regional Development

A. Meier-Ploeger p. 9  abstract

Substrate Use and Turnover of Microbial Biomass in Soils

R.G.Joergensen p. 14  abstract

Contribution of Organic Agriculture to Food Security and Environmental Protection in Developing Countries

E.Baum p. 19  abstract

Landscape Planning as a Democratic Instrument of Nature Protection

D.Bruns with the participation of A. Hoppenstedt and A.Winkelbrandt p. 23  abstract

Russian School of Landscape Planning

A.N.Antipov, Y.M.Semenov p. 30 abstract

Landscape Diversity, Planning and Optimal Forest Cover in Armenia

H.Y.Sayadyan p. 38  abstract

Classification of the Biotopes in Chukurova Delta Biosphere Reserve

T.Altan p. 43 abstract

Information and Communication for Agricultural and Rural Development: Bringing Together Research, Extension and Farmers

Riccardo del Castello p. 56 abstract

Problems of Ecological Agriculture in Azerbaijan

F.G.Akhundov, K.Y.Mamedov, A.D.Babaeva, F.T.Jafarov, R.K.Mavedov p. 60 abstract

Extension of Biological Land Cultivation of Farms of the Black Sea Coastal Region

D.V.Nakani, N.K.Gulua, N.O.Imnadze p. 64 abstract

Basic Stages of the Geoecological Analysis and Synthesis of Landscape Planning

N.K.Elizbarashvili p. 67 abstract

On the Possibility of Increase of Yield of Soybean without Application of Bacterial Fertilizers

I.E.Mgeladze, T.G.Andronikashvili, M.A.Kardava, M.K.Gamisonia p. 77 abstract

Verification on New Models of Soil Wash-Off in Rainfall and Snow Melting Runoff

M.S. Kuznetzov p. 81 abstract

Cucumber Some Varieties Callus Formation Peculiarities in vitro Culture

D.S.Kirakosyan p. 93 abstract

Productivity of Grass Mixtures in Highlands of Armenia

A.H.Hovhannisyan, R.A.Sahakyan, G.A.Tovmasyan, A.R.Khechoyan p. 95 abstract

Statistical Analysis of Harvest Results of Local and Foreign Cultivars of Tomato

A.Kh. Simonyan, V.A.Nushikyan p. 97 abstract

Heredity of Some Quantitative Features of Soft Wheat

G.A.Sahakyan, M.M.Shaljyan, V.V.Hovhannisyan, L.N.Kazaryan p. 101 abstract

Comparing of Tomato Somaclones

Z.E.Harutyunyan p. 103 abstract

Results of Using of Georgian Winter Soft Wheat Aboriginal and Selection Species in Interspe-cies Hybridization

P.P.Naskidashvili, M.P.Naskidashvili, T.G.Darsavelidze, L.P.Naskidashvili p. 105 abstract

Influence of External Environment of Forms of Monoecy Cucumber on Variatleness of Sex in Different Periods of Sowing

L.M.Tadevosyan p. 111 abstract

Some Datum of Study of Mites Associated with Stored Food Products (Acariformes, Acaroidea) in South Caucasus Countries

G.Sh.Kajaia p. 113 abstract

Biogeoenergetic Characteristic of Soils of Upper Imeteri (Western Georgia)

G.P.Gogichaishvili, T.T.Urushadze, I.A.Natroshvili p. 118 abstract

The Means of Increasing the Efficiency of Low-Fertile Chernozems of East Georgia

R.K.Mardaleishvili, M.V.Tvalavadze, Ts.I.Pipia p. 124 abstract


Application of New Tools in Woodworking Industries

D.P.Petrosyan, G.S.Hovsepyan, K.G.Karapetyan, H.S.Alexanyan p. 127 abstract

Harvesting According with Vertical Zonality

O.A.Bedia p. 129 abstract

Method Account of Parameters Monorail Roads on the Slops

N.A.Beridze, N.A.Buachidze p. 131 abstract


Research of Frame's Features of Thoroughbred and Cross-Breed Cows

H.R.Andreasyan p. 136 abstract

Definition of Liver Cells Fagocitic Ability

A.V.Manasyan, A.G.Margarian p. 139 abstract

On Problem of Nutrition Value Assessment of Milk Fodder

L.G.Vardevanyan p. 141  abstract

Causal Conditionality of Escherichia Pathogenicity, Connected with their Joint Inhabitation with Toxigenic Clostridia (Second Report)

J.V.Nachkebia, E.J.Nachkebia, K.J. Nachkebia p. 143 abstract


Influence of Zeolities Treatment on the Stability of Wine Materials

T.G.Gonjilashvili, Sh.D.Ugrekhelidze, Sh.I.Shatirishvili, L.G.Bochoridze, B.S.Tzereteli p. 147  abstract


Influence of Different Systems of Cuttings on the Water-Regulative Functions of Mountain Forests of Georgia

O.I.Dvalishvili, R.G.Chagelishvili p. 152  abstract

Ecological Principles for Definition of Beech Forest Types in Georgia

M.A.Svanidze p. 158 abstract

Peculiarities of Activities of Cambium and Structured Formation of Wood of Poplar Pyramidalies

A.T.Urushadze, A.A.Kandelaki p. 164 abstract


About New Specifications of Operational Terms and Amortization Deductions Fruit-Bearing Long-Term Plantings of Armenia

K.G.Tumanyan, F.G.Harutyunyan, A.F.Harutyunyan p. 168 abstract

Sustainable Development of Agrarian Sector by Using Infrastructures

G.S.Tspnetsyan p. 171 abstract

Economic Estimation of Perfect Tecnological Cycle of Subtropical Persimmon

N.A.Iosebashvili, O.A.Karchava p. 176 abstract

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