ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE    Vol. 3, No.  1,  2005
ISSN 1512-1887



Transportation of Amino Acids Through Static Flat Bed of Soil in the Presence of Water-in-Oil Microemulsion

A.Mohammad, H. Shahab and S.Hena p. 7  abstract

Iaumontite-Mineral Promoting Growth, Development and Increase in Wheat Crop Yield

T.G.Andronikashvili, S.L.Urotadze, T.K.Kvernadze, N.A.Osipova, N.B.Burkiashvili p. 15  abstract

Systematology - a New Trend in the Research

N.I.Karkashadze p. 24  abstract

The Results of Investigation of the Project "Soil-Plant-Animal-Dairy Products-Product Quality" on Alpine Pastures of South Upland of Georgia

G.D.Agladze, G.V.Basiladze p. 27  abstract

Collection and Improvement of Pumpkins Germplasm for East Georgia

A.A.Korakhashvili, I.E.Vepkhvadze p. 33 abstract

Peculiarities of Formation of the Plum Roots System in Relation with Soil Conditions

M.G.Vardzelashvili, T.T.Urushadze, D.Sh.Khachidze p. 36  abstract

The Content of Availability Nutrients as an Indicator of Soil Stability to Chemical Influence

E.G.Pivovarova, L.M.Burlakova p. 38 abstract

Peculiarities of the Development of Above-Ground Parts of Vine Rkatziteli Muskaturi

A.D.Saralidze p. 43 abstract

Agroclimatic Aspects of Farming Development in Mountain and High-Mountain Region of Georgia

G.G.Meladze, M.U.Tutarashvili, M.G.Meladze p. 47 abstract

Harmful Organisms of Winter-Wheat Crops and Modern Tactics of Combating Them

R.A.Khubutia, N.I.Endeladze, M.G.Jugeli p. 51 abstract

Radiation Influence Produced on Pathogen of Wheat Rust

I.?.Zedginidze, T.G.Darsavelidze, M.P.Naskidashvili, J.G.Shengelia p. 57 abstract

Use of Nitrogen of Fertilizers by Lemons

Sh.D.Lominadze, G.J.Leonidze p. 61 abstract

The Soil-Forming Rocks in the High Mountains of the Central Caucasus

K.V.Mindeli, A.L.Kanchaveli, Ch.K.Mindeli, N.E. Azaurashvili p. 69 abstract


Design Procedure of Mobile Bricketing Machines

M.T.Baghdasaryan p. 72 abstract

Substantiation of Parameters of Rope-Way Installation for Laying out Forests of Sites Inaccessible for Tractors

Sh.I.Chalagandze p. 81 abstract

Technology and Techniques for Producing Combined Food through Alcohol-Distillation Plant Residue

O.M.Tedoradze, V.Z.Miruashvili, R.A.Tedoradze p. 87 abstract

Three Phase Electro Magnetic Vibrodrivein Stationary Devices

G.A.Javakhishvili p. 92 abstract

Mathematic Model of Defining Concentration and Turbulent Exchange Coefficient in Suspended Streams

I.G.Kruashvili, I.D.Inashvili p. 98 abstract

Definition of Basic Hydromechanical Channel Data and Morphometric Parameters of Overland Sedimentation Flow

T.V.Odilavadze, Sh.Z.Kupreishvili p. 98 abstract

On the Task of Coshie for Quazilinear Equation with Partial Derivation of the First Order

R.V.Danelia, K.K.Darjania, I.Z.Gogsadze, L.G.Datunashvili p. 105 abstract

Possible Ways of Increasing Stable Operating Period of Rotor-Type Wind Engines

V.A. Buchukuri, R.R. Kikvidze p. 108 abstract


Spreading Cl.pepfringens by means of ixodides ticks in Georgia

M.Z.Zhvania-Maglakelidze, T.K.Kurashvili, O.I.Bakhutashvili p. 112 abstract


Yeast and Fermentation Systems Activation

L.A.Mujiri, M.L.Ormotsadze p. 115 abstract

Amino Acid Composition of Pink Dry Table Sort Wines

N.V.Ebelashvili p. 118 abstract

A New Complex Method of Storing Raw Fruit and Vegetable Material

E.A.Uturashvili p. 121 abstract


The Influence of the Environment on the Transformation of the Material Store of the Caucasian Fir

T.M.Japaridze, N.A.Dzotsenidze p. 126  abstract

The Activity of Cambium amd Wood Formation in Trunks and Roots of Castanea sativa Mill. in Different Growing Conditions

G.A.Gagoshidze, A.A.Kandelaki p. 130 abstract

The Ecological Valency of the Main Wood Species of Georgia According to the Soil Conditions

A.T.Urushadze p. 133 abstract


The Ways of Activation of Agricultural Industry of State Sponsorship in the Republic of Armenia

V.P.Arutyunyan p. 138 abstract

Small and Medium-size Business Development as One of Main Components for the Further Development of Agrarian Sector's infrastructure

G.S.Tspnetsyan p. 141 abstract

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