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To the Problem of Natural Agricultural Zoning of Lands in the Mountain Areas of Russia

E.N.Molchanov p. 7  abstract

On the Possibility of Leveling the Negative Effect of Oil Wastes on Soil by the Application of Natural Zeolites

M.V.Alelishvili, T.G.Andronikashvili, V.G.Tsitsishvili, N.G.Dolaberidze p. 12  abstract

The Role of Endemic Species in the Selection and Evolution of the Georgian Wheat

P.P.Naskidashvili, M.P.Naskidashvili p. 16  abstract

The Influence of Bush Loading and Remnant Kength on Shoot Growth and Productivity of Grapes of Akhtanak Variety

G.P.Aivazyan, P.K.Aivazyan, Y.Z.Barseghyan p. 19 abstract

Grassland Industry of Georgia and Main Trends of its Development in the 21st Century

G.D.Agladze p. 27 abstract

Peculiarities of Soil Cover in Humid Subtropics of Agjara

Sh.D.Palavandishvili p. 34  abstract

The Technology of Cultivating of Sudanura Grass after Harvesting of Oats and Peas Mix

G.N.Tsagurishvili p. 41 abstract

Influence of Nitrogen Dozes on a Crop of Green Bulk of Oats in the Conditions of Stubble Sowing

B.A.Mishveladze p. 44 abstract

The Absorption of Phosphate in Some Soils of Georgia

R.O.Lordkipanidze p. 47 abstract

Growing of Young Grape Plants in the Condition of Open Hydroponic

F.G.Arutjunyan, K.S.Pogosyan, G.L.Snkchyan, G.G.Melyan p. 50 abstract

Use of Mathematical Modeling to Study Natural Development of Population of Aphidodea

N.K.Tzintsadze p. 54 abstract

Influence of Forest Protected Belts on the Distribution of Snow on Kartli Lowlands

Sh.Khidasheli, A.T.Urushadze p. 57 abstract

Establishment of the Effect of Heterosis of Simple Interlinear Corn Hybrids in Terms of Mtzkheta Region

J.G.Saatashvili, M.O.Tedoradze, L.K.Mamulashvili p. 63 abstract

Agroecological Basis for Development of Subtropical Cultures in Adjara in the Conditions of Market Economy

R.Kh.Jabnidze, V.V.Goguadze, N.V.Jabnidze p. 68 abstract


The Definition of Optimal Speed of Unsupported Cutting Analyzing the Tension-Deformation Condition of the Chopped Material

A.P.Tarverdyan p. 72 abstract

Models and Algorithms of the Electrification Schemes of Agricultural Production in Georgia

A.A.Vashakidze, P.V.Danelia p. 78 abstract

The Problems of Dynamic Of Grain Peeling Process

S.L.Saakyan, V.Z.Melikyan, L.A.Saakyan p. 82 abstract

Trend of Priority in Designing, Research and Experimental Work for the Sphere of Mechanization of Agricultural Production of Georgia

R.M.Makharoblidze p. 86  abstract


Macrostructure of Reflexive Nerve of Armenian Halfcoarsewool and Coarsewool Breeds of Sheep

N.Kh.Grigoriyan p. 90  abstract

Intermediate Bearer of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus and the Ways of Spreading It

V.I.Tvaliashvili, O.I.Bakhutashvili i p. 93 abstract

Influence of Simultennous Use of Probiotics and Antibiotics on the Natural Resistance of Newly-Born Calves

Yu.H.Abovyan, G.R.Budagyan p. 96 abstract

The Anatomical Problems of Functiostable Osteosynthesis in Veterinary

S.I.Chakhmakhchyan, R.S.Mkhitaryan p. 99 abstract


The Role of Ethylene at Ripening and Storage of Apples

T.A.Mkrtchyan, G.G.Snapyan p. 101 abstract

Elaboration of Technology for New Types of Confectionery Products Using Non-Traditional Raw Materials

A.H.Virabyan, S.S.Harootunyan, L.L.Martirosyan, L.G.Marookyan p. 104 abstract

Elaboration of Optimum Technological Conditions for Receiving Extracts from Processing Products from Apples

L.A.Mujiri, E.M.Lotikashvili p. 106 abstract

Cultural Liquid Used In Cheesemaking

A.P.Beglarian p. 109 abstract


Oaks and Oak Forests in Caucasia

P.A.Shmidt p. 111 abstract

Influence of Complex-Selective Felling on Changing the Phorosynthetic Activity of the Trees of Subordinate Tiers

T.M.Japaridze p. 124 abstract


Estimation of the Aesthetic and Ergonomic Peculiarities of Agricultural Production Using the Method of Collective Examination

N.I.Karkashadze, N.Sh.Galakhvaridze p. 129 abstract

About the Problems of Intensification and Management of Productive Function of Agrarian Science

E.S.Ghazaryan p. 132 abstract

The Necessity of Application of Information Technologies in Management of Agroindustrial Complex

A.P.Galanteryan p. 135 abstract

Forecasting of the Development of New Economic Forms in Georgia Using Methods of Optimization

L.L.Kelehsahvili p. 137 abstract

J.M.Keynes Theory and the Theory of Government Regulation

O.I.Agajanyan p. 139 abstract

The Programme of Agricultural Development in Mountain and High-Mountain Regions of Azerbaijan

F.A.Mechtiev p. 144 abstract


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