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Papers to be published in "Annals of Agrarian Science" must meet the following requirements:

I. A paper must deal with a temporary problem, methods of investigation and analysis of the received data. The title of a paper must completely reflect its content. The structure of a paper must be standardized by the following subtitles: Introduction, Objectives and Methods, Experimental Section, Results and Analysis, Conclusion, References.

II. A special permit from the institution where the work has been done must be attached to a paper.

III. Papers are accepted ready for publishing in 2 copies (with CD-ROM in Times New Roman).

Paper arrangement:

  1. Field of science in top right-hand corner.
  2. Title.
  3. Surnames, first names and patronymics of the authors.
  4. Name of the institution, address, positions and scientific degrees of the authors.
  5. Annotation (10-12 lines, about 500 typographic units).
  6. Body of a paper.
  7. Pictures, graphs, photos on separate pages.
  8. List of references in the order of citation; References in the text must be given in square brackets.
  9. Summary (10-12 lines, about 500 typographic units). If a paper is presented in Russian a summary must be in English and vice versa.
  10. All the pages must be paginated. The last page of a paper must be signed by the authors.
  11. A paper must contain about 9-10 typewritten pages including pictures, graphs, Tables, etc., in 1.5-2 spacing (about 20 thousand typographic units, prints 12, 14). White paper A-4, 25-30 mm margins from the four sides.
  12. Languages: Russian or English.
IV. Arrangement of Figures: Figures must be presented in Tables. Tables must be numbered with Arabic numerals according to their appearance in a text. Tables must be titled. All the Figures and Tables must be titled and lined vertically. Words in Tables must not be abbreviated. Arrangement of figures in lines must be distinct. Number of Tables must not exceed three, each Table must be printed on a separate page. The same data must not be repeated in tables, graphs and a text.

V. Arrangement of illustrations: Pictures must be presented in 2 copies in size no smaller than 5 x 6 cm and no larger than 18 x 24 cm. Pictures and photos must not be glued, they must be attached at the end of a paper. Pictures must be drawn in Indian ink on white paper or using computer graphics. Pictures must be very distinct. Legends must be placed according to a text. Comments on picture margins must be brief. Photos must be presented on glossy paper in two copies (xerox copies will not be accepted) not damaged. Pictures and photos must be numbered on back sides and the names of authors must be written in pencil. Comments to photos and pictures in a text must coincide with their contents.

VI. Arrangement of illustrations and Tables in a text must be indicated on the margins with pencil.

VII. Indication of references: For papers: surnames and initials of the authors, title of the article, journal, volume, number, year, pages. For books: surnames and initials of the authors, book, place of publishing, year, total number of pages.

VIII. Corrected version will not be returned to the authors.

IX. Declined papers will not be returned to the authors.

X. The Editorial Board reserves the right not to consider papers which are arranged ignoring the instructions.

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